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Baguio’s real estate properties: investment & vacation home

Published on February 23, 2019 by

Why is buying a real estate property in Baguio a good investment during Christmas

Baguio city

the typical mountain view in Baguio city
When Christmas season rolls in, so do our plans on giving gifts and going on vacation trips with either our friends or family. Given with how hot the weather in most parts of Philippines has been, a go-to destination that most people would want to go to for this Christmas, and even for the past few years, is Baguio City.
Baguio city is no longer just the summer capital of the Philippines but it also now becoming the country’s Christmas capital because of the decors and events it holds during this time. However, because of the number of people booking hotels this Christmas some are discouraged to actually go to Baguio. But in reality, booking hotels shouldn’t be the first option anymore, it should be staying in your own home already. Yes, believe it or not, buying a real estate property in Baguio is the better and cheaper price in the longer run. How so? Well it is because of these three main reasons.

  1. You Will Always Go Back To It

What do we mean by this? Baguio is the basic and most visited destination by many families EVERY year. You would end up visiting Baguio at least twice or thrice a year. So instead of booking an expensive hotel on Christmas or summer time (which you aren’t sure of if there are available rooms), it is best to invest in your own property that you can easily go back to.
Some may ask isn’t that too much of an investment? What if we don’t go to Baguio as often? Well there is another reason why you should buy a real estate property in Baguio. It is because—

  1. You Can Make Money Off Of It

We did mention that Baguio City is the most visited destination all year round here in the country. So imagine if you have an apartment, condo unit, or small rest house that you allow to be rented; you will get at least 5-15 requests per month from people who plan to go on vacation in Baguio. Even if you are working on a desk job in Manila, you can earn income in Baguio by the mere fact that you invested in a property.

  1. You Can Pass It On

If you are a family man/woman, giving your children more things to secure their future is always a part of your goal. And one of the things you can give them that increases value over time is any form of property. Lands, houses, or any real estate property is something you can pass on as a form of ownership to your children, and they too can pass it on to their children. Buying a real estate property in Baguio is a good investment for your near future and your children’s far future.

With just a bit of investment in buying a Baguio real estate property, you can enjoy a beautiful home, make extra money and give your children something to put under their name.

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