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Pointers for Choosing Your Dream Second Home

Published on December 15, 2017 by

Things to Consider when Thinking about Getting a Second Home

mines view park Baguio city

mines view park Baguio city
You are now ready to buy that dream second home and you have everything lined up. You have the available savings, financing, and the estimates for all expenses. All that is left now is to pick a place you like and take the plunge, although you’re kind of considering looking into real estate in Baguio city since you want your second home to be one you can go to during holidays.

Here are some pointers  to make sure that the choice you make today will be one that you will be proud of and comfortable with many years from now.

Make sure everyone is on Board

When you choose this second home, make sure that everyone agrees with your choice. Of course, if you hold the purse strings and are bent on buying a house and lot in Baguio city, no one can stop you from doing so. However, unless you want to spend time alone in this retreat or unless you want to have to drag people to go with you, a consensus would be best for everyone concerned, including you.

It might be necessary to make a compromise when you discuss this dream home. For every would-be horseback rider or strawberry picker in the family, there is often one mall habitué or one movie fan. Try to find something that everyone can live with and some people will actually be happy about. Alternatively, if you don’t have a family of your own but you just want to purchase a property you could hie off to during breaks from work, then looking at condominiums in Baguio city might be the better option.

Evaluate the Location

Choose a location that meets your needs and even if you are not thinking of reselling at the time you make the purchase, pick the place that has good resale prospects. Although real estate in Baguio city is always considered a good investment, try to visit the area during the different seasons of the year so you can make a truly informed decision. See what the place has to offer in terms of amenities and services like emergency clinics and health care.

You may want a real getaway when you plan to acquire your dream second home but remember that accessibility is not always a bad thing. In fact, with some careful thought, you can always balance accessibility with privacy. There is no need to buy a place that even you would find hard to go to. Remember that if you want the place to be used often, it has to be relatively easy to reach. In addition, places that are too remote may not increase substantially in value over time. Accessibility is best achieved if you opt for condominiums in Baguio city.

Special Features

When you look for a second home, even one that you will only be using for a few days or weeks during the year, try to find a place that has some special features that may help vacations become more interesting. Some of the things that would definitely be a plus would be strawberry fields, orchards with fruit-picking activities, libraries, and seasonal activities that you might enjoy. Some small towns have managed to save some historical buildings and converted them into tourist spots. Parks, golf courses, hiking trails – all these special features add to the value of your second home.

From Second Home to Primary Residence

If you think that your house and lot in Baguio city may one day be your primary residence, get a place that will not be too difficult to live in. Take into account how far it is from the grocery, the pharmacy and other places that you need services from for daily living. Pick a place where you will have peace and quiet if that is what you want but be careful you are not too isolated for the occasional company or for safety’s sake.

Choosing your dream second home is a very exciting endeavor that you will no doubt enjoy. With careful thought and planning, the home you choose will be one that you will take pleasure in for as long as you want to call it yours.

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