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Published on July 11, 2019 by
Many stories have been told about how amazing the demeanor of Baguio City taxi drivers but just how really true these stories are? In this blog entry we’ll try to find out the validity. 
Baguio City is one of the many places in the Philippines where taxis abound. As of 2019 there are, to my estimate, hundreds of Baguio taxis operating day in and day out servicing local passengers and tourists of all types and ages. You can easily recognize these taxis by their appearance. Most of them are SUV’s, white in color and displayed on its side door is the taxi’s name, operator’s contact details and its place of operation which is Baguio or Baguio City. Inside, one can find important stuff needed by the taxi for it to be allowed to operate by the LTFRB like the calibrated taxi meter with receipt, dash cam and wifi router. And, you can also find inside the taxi’s passenger’s side doors the taxi’s name and the operator’s contact details.
 I and my family had been riding the taxi in this city for quite some time now. Taxis are a great help to our family specially when we just went to the grocery or when there’s some emergency situations. As for our experience with the city’s taxi drivers, we had our shares of good and bad moments with them. But most of them though are good ones. The most common good experience we had about them are that they return your change even to the last cents. How impressive that can be? We’ve tried many times riding taxis in Metro Manila and many times too that we’ve been pissed off by most of the taxi drivers there shortchanging us. Here in Baguio, that is not the case though. Even if your change is one or two pesos only, still the driver will return it to you. I’m also impressed that they are always prepared to have with them loose changes. Another stunning characteristic of Baguio City taxi drivers is that most of them are honest. We haven’t lost anything yet in the taxi we rode before since my wife always make sure that before alighting we have all the things with us. But based on other people experiences, it’s been said that most of them who lost something, be it their phones, wallets, money, documents, etc. were able to retrieve they personal properties care of the ever honest Baguio taxi drivers. They will even go out of their way to intentionally return to its rightful owners the lost items like dropping by a radio or police station to surrender it or personally contacting the owner. 
Most of the city’s taxi drivers are friendly and nice. It’s a jackpot if the taxi you rode has a jolly driver and you’re stuck in a traffic. Man, there will never be a dull moment as you will enjoy every minute of the driver’s story. Some don’t even charge their passengers if it’s an emergency. 
So far, we haven’t had any bad or traumatic experiences with our city’s taxi drivers (and we hope never to have one) but our take is that taxi driver’s in this north side of the country is one we can truly be proud of. Although there are some who are not as honest or friendly as the majority, it’s still worth the ride as they say. If you want to know more about the amazing deeds of Baguio taxi drivers and other inspiring stories about them, you might want to try and be a member of Baguio Sumbungan Forums at or better try it for yourself if you are in Baguio and have a first hand experience. 

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